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Patient-Centric Healthcare

White Paper
  • Life Sciences & Healthcare

With the constant state of disruption in the healthcare landscape, the industry has seen a rapid adoption and implementation of digital and technology solutions. This shift in incorporating more technology into healthcare settings allows patients to become more invested in their health and healthcare providers to change the way care is tracked and provided, which gives providers an opportunity to effectively offer an outcomes-based approach to care. With the exorbitant amount of data, providers are now able to utilize predictive analytics to offer better treatment options pre-visit, onsite, and post-discharge.

While there are many trends affecting the industry, this white paper focuses on four factors – value-based care, predictive medicine, the new digital customer and patient experience – that will be the most influential in leading the transformation toward patient-centric healthcare. Finally, the white paper discusses how digital technologies, big data and interoperability will be the driving forces behind this transformation.

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