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Preparing for MACH: The Four Keys to Success

White Paper

The landscape of any industry is always evolving, creating a need for dynamic technology solutions. When companies go through periods of growth, when their business model shifts or when they need to scale their work differently, they can face limitations in their current tools. Without the ability to customize the software to the business changes they’re experiencing, they’re only as good as the capabilities they’re working with.

For many, this journey would inevitably point them toward a MACH architecture as one possible solution to their technology challenges.

MACH can be a big driver of change and, in some cases, revolutionize the way a business is run – but it’s not without complexity. Having the right tools, systems and people in place to implement MACH effectively should be a business’s number one priority.

EPAM experts have reviewed multiple MACH implementations to identify areas that are integral to success but often overlooked. This white paper is a comprehensive guide to these considerations, providing you with a checklist to work through before implementing MACH successfully.

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