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Rethinking the Customer Onboarding Process in Financial Services

Ferenc Tarkanyi

VP, Client Engagement, EPAM EU
White Paper
  • Financial Services

With so much competition in the banking and financial services industry, customers can afford to be picky with whom they choose to do business. Capturing a consumer’s attention is only half the battle, and turning a click into a conversion hinges on your ability to offer a quick and painless onboarding process. The quality of your prospective customer’s experience at this critical stage could mean the difference between the beginning of a great relationship, a strained relationship or – worse – losing out to a competitor.

Luckily for banks and financial services companies, technology has given us an opportunity to transform onboarding into a completely digital process where the customer barely notices they are exerting time and effort. Even so, efficient digital onboarding is a lot easier said than done, and just because a solution is digital doesn’t mean it’s good. That’s why you need a clear vision for what makes an ideal customer onboarding journey before you invest in developing one.

Download our white paper for insights into what’s wrong with the traditional onboarding process and ideas on how to fix it with an all-digital solution.

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