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Travel in China: Building Virtuous Engagement

Geoffrey Parsons

Research & Insights Lead, EPAM APAC

Sue Su

UX Designer, EPAM Shenzhen
White Paper
  • Travel & Hospitality

By definition, virtuous engagement is a self-sustaining loop of customer behavior, content, data and value achieved by connecting experience design, content, channel, applied data and enterprise architecture strategies. This paper seeks to uncover what it takes for a travel business to unlock ongoing virtuous engagement with its customers in China. Here’s what’s inside:

  • Information that covers various aspects of travel planning and booking in China 
  • An in-depth exploration of the Chinese user journey
  • A detailed analysis of common functionality offered by select Chinese travel service providers
  • Recommendations relevant to service providers seeking to gain market share and build virtuous engagement in APAC or provide more relevant, personalized service

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