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Unlocking Flexibility and Scalability: A Multi-Tenant Content Platform Approach for Information Providers

James Buonocore

Senior Business Analyst, EPAM US
White Paper
  • Business Information Services

Today, information is a precious commodity, and the enterprises that produce, curate and sell information have a lot of moving parts to manage in order to successfully operate. These organizations are often global, multi-disciplinary and contain numerous business units, many via acquisition. Their content is abundant, complex and dense, and can influence billions of dollars in investment. Typically, all of this content is housed in the enterprise’s legacy systems.

It’s a complicated ecosystem – a recipe for entropy and barricade to scaling or innovation. For content architects and content platform professionals, this set of problems traditionally did not have a graceful solution on an enterprise level…until recently.

Download this white paper to learn more about a unique approach to content platforms for information providers.

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