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EPAM Pling: Voice-Activated Digital Banking Solution

  • Financial Services


  • Customer expectations for convenience and personalization continue to grow rapidly as digital technologies and PSD2 reshape the financial services industry
  • In particular, the trend toward interacting with businesses through voice technology, which interfaces with companies through voice commands, is completely changing the customer experience
  • EPAM Pling is a voice-activated, API-driven solution for third-party providers that enables customers to do their banking conversationally without accessing dedicated banking apps

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  • Pling offers third-party providers and their customers an easy, fast, convenient and secure way to manage bank accounts and transactions via voice
  • The solution responds with relevant information based on user commands, such as “connect bank,” “get account balance,” “get transaction history” and many more
  • Pling’s features can be augmented to provide even more value for users by facilitating peer-to-peer payments, connecting to additional channels and querying monthly transactions with a particular merchant, for example

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