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EPAM’s Scriptless Enterprise Test Automation Platform


Fast Facts​

  • InsideEdge xAFT is a scriptless enterprise test automation platform developed by EPAM that accelerates the process of automating testing on multi-tier applications
  • Working as a framework to connect technical testing personnel to functional personnel like analysts and strategists, InsideEdge xAFT performs targeted automation against identified tiers, including user interfaces, services, databases, and mobile platforms

To learn more about the specifics of the software, download our InsideEdge xAFT one-pager or contact us today.

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Benefit & Value

Because the framework doesn't require users to learn an underlying programming language and tiers and test cases easily understood by technical and functional team members, InsideEdge xAFT increases team collaboration and efficiency. With testing no longer a separate and specialized activity, your organization can achieve increased automation coverage in areas ranging from UX to web services.

How It Works

The test automation framework is built on an open-source technology stack, which allows users to create highly maintainable suites and support their interfaces from a single scripting platform. Combine these features with InsideEdge xAFT’s scriptless architecture, and you get an all-in-one platform for automating application testing, facilitating browser compatibility, supporting back-end database validations, decreasing time-to-market, and saving on dedicated testing resources.

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