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EPAM’s Immunization Pass: Providing Companies with Trusted, Secure Access to Vaccination Records

  • Travel & Hospitality
  • Healthcare

As lockdown measures and social distancing protocols ease, there is a need for businesses impacted by COVID-19 to share relevant health information, such as immunization and vaccination records. EPAM’s Immunization Pass provides a reliable and trusted channel for businesses to access individuals’ immunity details for contagious diseases, verified by a healthcare professional.

Any business of organization that relies on people using shared spaces or meeting in close proximity can use the app to ensure that their staff, members and customers are not put at risk. Built on blockchain using encrypted links, Immunization Pass provides a paperless source of information that is GDPR-compliant.

Learn more about how EPAM’s Immunization Pass can help your business – from airlines and airports to entertainment venues and healthcare companies – safely reopen.

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