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Creating the Ideal Architecture for a New Online Gambling Brand

Case Study
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Claymore Group (“Claymore”), a Malta-based business focused on developing best-in-class online gambling experiences, was working on the launch of a new flagship brand in Europe,

With a deadline for the pre-license technical audit closing in, Claymore and EPAM conducted an evaluation that uncovered development issues. A new platform based on microservices was developed, which integrated core sports functionality and featured a complex bonus tool, to allow for future scalability and stability.

Despite a tight deadline and under the direction and management of Claymore, the architecture changes were implemented on time to provide compliance, security and resilience. The comprehensive bonus tool is scalable to allow for future feature integrations. The iBet platform passed the technical audit requirements and the site went live with a soft launch in December 2020.

Key Challenges

Before development commenced, Claymore and EPAM conducted an initial two-week discovery that assessed platform readiness and uncovered development issues. The following challenges were identified:

  • The technology was not fully scalable for future requirements.
  • Certain compliance and security specifications were not fully up to date with the most recent guidelines.
  • The database architecture needed better resilience based on industry best practices.
  • The AWS environment was not optimized to be used to its full potential.

A new, sustainable, scalable and highly available platform based on industry standards was developed in a short timeframe to address these challenges. Claymore chose EPAM to deliver a number of key integrations for the platform, such as the Sportsbook provided by Betsson and a flexible, comprehensive bonus tool.

Solution Highlights

To ensure that the project could be achieved in the short timeframe, a mixed management approach for project execution was utilized, which included sprints for organization and an overall project plan. Governance structures and daily communication on requirements and technical updates were created and followed. Demonstrations were conducted at the end of each sprint to highlight progress and adjust requirements where necessary.

Following the two-week discovery, a microservices-based architecture with stateless services was identified as the optimal solution. The platform was hosted on AWS in a single region but used multiple zones to allow high availability and cost efficiency at the same time.

The Results

The iBet MVP was completed on time, successfully submitted for technical audit and approved as part of the regulatory licensing process. Claymore launched the iBet platform in December 2020.

The microservices architecture is flexible and allows the company to scale with demand, without risking stability in the future. The platform’s data and security features are in line with industry best practices. By optimizing the AWS environment, Claymore was able to maximize its investment and take advantage of features, including those for data security and communication.

Technologies Used

  • EKS
  • KMS
  • SNS
  • AWS
  • S3


The team at EPAM was very professional and diligent. In addition, they showed the strength of their experience in the online gambling space with their execution of development tasks. EPAM was extremely efficient in their delivery and we would not hesitate to recommend them as a business partner.

Claymore Group

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