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Edmunds Minsk Hackathon 2015: EPAM Big Data Innovation

Case Study
  • Retail & Consumer
  • Automotive is the leading car shopping destination for car buyers, dealers, and researchers in the United States. When it comes to making the car buying process in America easier, no one does it better than Edmunds, which is why EPAM engineers and subject matter experts were thrilled to partner with Edmunds for a second-annual hackathon in Minsk, Belarus.

The value of the Edmunds Minsk Hackathon 2015 – as with all of EPAM’s Hackathons – is the tremendous ideation generated by such an event, often resulting in many of those same ideas becoming real products in the months following the Hackathon.

Key Challenges

  • The goal of the second-annual Edmunds Minsk Hackathon was to create innovative and effective data products for Edmunds – products that would drive manufacturer and dealer revenue while improving the car-buying experience for consumers. EPAM teams were challenged to leverage Edmunds’ extensive technology and Big Data infrastructure to create innovative minimum viable products that could dynamically incorporate real-time streaming data and historical data with predictive models.

Solution Highlights

Following two days of brainstorming, design and engineering, the teams presented their insights-driven solutions to a panel of judges from Edmunds:

  • Using over 2GB of Amazon S3 data from, the first-place team developed an app to integrate click-button calls to action and price graphs based on real-time streaming data into the browsing experience, all designed to drive site visitors to either take action if the car’s price is on the downtrend or wait if the car’s price is on the upswing.
  • The second-place team developed a benchmarking tool that allows Edmunds' dealer clients and prospects to see how other dealers in their region are performing by comparison. Drawing on Edmunds’ clickstream, leads, and salesforce data for other anonymously-displayed neighborhood dealerships, the app features an interactive slider control that displays competing dealer earnings by volume.
  • Utilizing an architecture that coordinated raw data with multiple match algorithms, the third-place team created Edmunds Garage, an enhancement of the personal account page that allows users to post their own cars for dealers to view and, subsequently, make trade-in offers based on Big Data-generated fair market prices. As customers input data regarding their car’s model, mileage, and service history, dealers’ price and maintenance offers are automatically adjusted.

The Results

EPAM is commited to building a culture of innovation, regularly staging hackathons that leverage its diverse community of digital talent from internal competency centers, solution practices and other internal institutions. Through these events, EPAM showcases the best in front-end UX and back-end software engineering, consistently creating new and innovative solutions that are strategically focused and technically forward-thinking. Indeed, these hackathons are incubators for great ideas – ideas that are frequently born into the future products of EPAM and its partners.

Hear from the Customer

“The innovations we discovered at EPAM will be front and center for many of us in the near future.”


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