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Centralizing Partner Resources for the Largest Leisure, Travel & Tourism Company in the World

Case Study
  • Travel & Hospitality

TUI Group is a multinational travel and tourism company headquartered in Hanover, Germany. It is the largest leisure, travel, and tourism company in the world, with ownership of over 1,800 travel agencies, 300 hotels, six airlines, 13 cruise liners, and countless retail stores across the globe. It serves over 30 million customers annually with unmatched holiday experiences in 180 regions.

TUI operates using a massive database of its many thousands of partners, large and small – everything from hotels to bed and breakfasts, global travel agencies to local retail shops – to deliver customers with the content they need to plan their holiday. In order to advertise with TUI, these partners must submit multimedia digital assets (such as photos and promotional videos) which enables better sales.

Key Challenges

  • TUI found that its decentralized asset database was becoming a roadblock for business
  • Manual content submission processes were neither connected with upstream systems nor uniform with taxonomy and metadata requirements
  • Deterioration of content quality from country to country as there were no standards for digital assets or a way to reuse content from one country to the next
  • TUI’s partners were unable to conveniently and effectively advertise their travel offerings

Solution Highlights

The solution was to create a new upload tool using ADAM/Hybris that would allow TUI’s thousands of partners to work correctly within the content workflows. Key features of the DAM Solution included:

  • A centralized asset storage for the multiregional company
  • A unified solution for asset management, gathering, and distribution
  • Built-in approval, rights management, and licensing workflows for the uploaded assets
  • Storage of different types of content, including images, photos, documents, videos, presentations, and more

The Results

By focusing on two of TUI’s key strategies – content centricity and automated data processes – EPAM and TUI were able to deploy a tool that has had a positive impact on TUI’s business with partners. Since its adoption, the metadata upload tool:

  • Currently stores 1,200,000 assets
  • Is used in 10+ locations worldwide
  • Imports 30,000+ assets per month
  • Exports 1,000+ assets per month
  • Has 566 users from different regions

Additionally, the upload tool provides additional custom UI for the upload procedure, system configuration and login; implements fully customized UI themes for standard studios; integrates with different asset consumer systems; and is hosted in Amazon Web Services.

Technologies Used

  • Amazon Web Services
  • ADAM/Hybris

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