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EPAM Develops Life-Saving Software Solutions for CardioReady

Case Study
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Despite its status as a proven leader when it comes to saving lives through AED programs and other forms of rescue readiness, CardioReady wanted to improve the ease and efficiency of its compliance checks to ensure that each AED system met and exceeded all necessary standards. According to CardioReady CEO John Ehinger, the company “needed a better framework to make maintenance checks and other compliance elements easier because if processes are too cumbersome, they can be de-prioritized at field locations.”

Knowing that successful, compliant AED programs can increase survival rates for Sudden Cardiac Arrest victims from 7% to more than 70%, EPAM worked with CardioReady to create two applications -- Maintenance Minder and Inspector Mobile -- and a global dashboard to monitor, inspect and assess AED programs.

Key Challenges

  • Simplifying and improving AED compliance with software solutions
  • Developing a mobile compliance-monitoring application for use by inspectors in the field
  • Creating an application to help facilities managers keep up with routine AED maintenance
  • Engineering global dashboards to remotely keep track of the condition, effectiveness and inspection grades of AEDs on-premise at client locations
  • Testing all of the solutions to release bug-free technologies

Solution Highlights

EPAM listened to CardioReady’s monitoring, inspection and assessment challenges and responded by crafting software solutions that enable users to perform their jobs in the most efficient, compliance-driven way possible. First, EPAM collaborated with CardioReady to develop a global dashboard – the CardioReady Certification Center – to assist organizations in easily monitoring the real-time compliance status of all locations in one easy-to-interpret virtual tool.

Second, EPAM developed a mobile app that methodically guides organizations through their AED program checks while using a more easily verifiable approach to collecting all relevant data. The app, Maintenance Minder, now serves as a “functional tool that enables people to significantly simplify the process of maintenance checks and improve compliance,” according to CardioReady CEO John Ehinger.

CardioReady watched as Maintenance Minder delighted its user base, which soon grew into the thousands. Inspired by the app’s success, CardioReady asked EPAM to build a similar app for the company’s team of inspectors. In turn, EPAM delivered the Inspector Mobile app to bring a more straightforward approach to site assessments for inspectors that resulted in increased efficiency and bolstered safeguards to protect the integrity of the inspection process.

The Results

EPAM’s mobile apps and synchronized global dashboard for CardioReady have further empowered the company to be seen as an innovator in a growing sector. As a result of these projects, CardioReady enjoys the following lasting business benefits:

  • The ability to leverage innovations in software and technology to advance its effort of saving lives from Sudden Cardiac Arrest
  • Expanded pre-existing arrangements with clients along with the addition of numerous significant global corporate clients
  • Greater visibility into and accuracy of compliance as a result of real-time reporting
  • Time and money saved from more efficient and easily verifiable maintenance checks
  • EPAM and CardioReady have developed a long-term partnership

Software now lives at the heart of CardioReady’s business and drives it effort to reduce the impact of Sudden Cardiac Arrest. Through the delivery of such innovative solutions to its clients, the company has expanded its competitive advantage while helping to save more lives in the process.

Hear from the Customer

“When you get into a development exercise, you need to find someone you can trust. Development can be fluid, and if you don't feel you have someone you can partner with and who has your best interest in mind, your ability to reach a viable and timely solution is much more challenging."
John Ehinger

CEO, CardioReady

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