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Case Study
  • Retail & Consumer
  • Business Information Services

Price comparison sites are designed to do just what their name implies: compare the prices of goods and services from a range of providers. However in an ever more competitive landscape, evolving the customer proposition to allow consumers to make increasingly informed decisions about which provider to choose in order to save money is key to their success. is the UK’s #1 Price Comparison Website, providing a search engine for comparing financial products based on price, features and other criteria.

MoneySuperMarket wanted to enrich their digital experience and enable future growth by delivering cutting– edge comprehensive solutions to their customers. chose EPAM as an expert partner to implement a modern web platform relying on the company’s practical experience in delivering transformative changes and advanced engineering solutions.

Key Challenges

  • Providing an engaging, easily customized customer experiences
  • Delivering a better user interface with better context, content and service design, personalized according to user needs
  • Building a new web platform and redesigned online storefront to help start each trading day with new market leading online customer experiences to UK households

Solution Highlights

MoneySuperMarket’s existing technology stack needed to be refreshed, as it was limiting the businesses ability to execute quickly and at scale. To create an engaging and easily modifiable customer experience, EPAM chose Adobe Experience Manager. This platform was selected mainly for its CMS capabilities, but also for the personalization support that works with existing data stores. The new platform provided large amounts of code re-use, localization, and personalization capabilities, though the project initially involved a high level of manual testing and was IT intensive.

EPAM used their deep expertise to start to deliver the business benefits of personalization. Five development squads worked simultaneously on this extensive site re-platforming project. The Adobe Experience Manager platform has plenty of advantages: AEM works well in the cloud, provides support for personalization, allows for reuse of logic and images to personalize CRM campaigns, and offers mobile device support. In other words, it is the perfect tool to provide new, personalized approaches to support future business growth.

The Results

EPAM helped MoneySuperMarket change their virtual storefront to deliver a modern web platform that provides the technology and opportunities to continuously evolve and ensure the site meets clients’ evolving needs.

Technologies Used

  • Adobe Experience Manager

Hear from the Customer

"EPAM has helped us to successfully create our new strategic web platform, delivering a refreshed online storefront helping our customers to identify even more ways to save money, through their implementation of market leading technology. These cutting-edge renovations will help our business expand to meet our growth aspirations, and we look forward to future cooperation with your team.”

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