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Implementing a Localized yet Unified SAP HANA-based ERP Solution for Avgust

Case Study

Fast-growing businesses with multiple locations across the globe often deal with the challenge of localizing their approach while also unifying their platforms for enterprise resource planning (ERP). In the agrochemical space, Avgust was dealing with growing pains stemming from fast growth and a lack of a unified corporate ERP platform. Having SAP S/4HANA already implemented at its parent enterprise, Avgust asked EPAM, a trusted SAP Platinum Partner, to implement a complex SAP S/4HANA solution that meets Belarusian legislative requirements and complies with Avgust’s established corporate processes.

Key Challenges

  • Unification of global corporate reporting
  • Unification of business processes
  • Parallel accounting compliance
  • Implementation of additional functionality

Solution Highlights & Results

In January 2019, after a year of dedicated engagement, the EPAM team completed the project by launching a successful, localized instance of SAP S/4HANA. The following outcomes came as a result of the project delivery:

  • Built a fully-fledged solution ready to be implemented for other Avgust subsidiaries
  •  Increased speed by 71% on financial period closing and the creation of financial reports
  • Minimized costs and timelines of location solution implementation and support in Belarus

After launch, the EPAM team provided continuous go-live and post-go-live support of the implemented solution.

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