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Increasing Drilling Operational Productivity with Digital Platforms

Case Study
  • Energy & Utilities

Since 2004, EPAM, a leading provider of platform engineering and product development services, has partnered with the client, an Oil & Gas company with 100,000 people across 80+ countries, to build new software products and develop the next generation of technology for the industry. Today, EPAM remains a top-tier technology partner to the client, providing support through every stage of the software development life cycle. We provide our expertise in:

  • Digital Platform Engineering
  • Application Development
  • Agile QA & Testing
  • Continuous Integration/Continuous Development
  • DevOps
  • Consulting

Key Challenges

  • Implementing Agile and DevOps methodologies to speed production time and generate innovation
  • Coordinating communications across several different timezones and production schedules
  • Staffing project teams with optimal resources to ensure project success
  • Building a custom QA and testing process
  • Engineering digital platforms for the client's North American and Norwegian business units

Solution Highlights

Over the course of this 13+-year engagement, EPAM’s expertise in Advanced Technology, Distributed Agile Development & QA, Product Development Services, Digital Platform Engineering Services and the Oil & Gas Industry has been demonstrated through the results we have produced and the positive customer outcomes we have achieved.

Given the length of the engagement, the depth of the solutions developed and implemented for the client is too great to describe here. For the full story, download the case study PDF.

The Results

Leveraging the services named above, EPAM has helped the client shorten product development time-to-market, optimize drilling operations, and make its processes more transparent, flexible, repeatable, and predictable. What follows is a breakdown of a few of the best practices and projects that demonstrate how EPAM has created valuable, gamechanging software solutions that serve the Oil & Gas industry as a whole.

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