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Volunteering UX Expertise to Increase Online Donations by 650% for the Hungarian Red Cross

Case Study

Following a series of successful collaborations between EPAM and the Hungarian Red Cross (HunRC), including the development and launch of a blood donation app, EPAM was given the opportunity to rethink and redesign the HunRC’s website, which hadn’t been fully updated since 2006. Challenged by the HunRC, the largest humanitarian organization in Hungary, to donate technical skills instead of just money, EPAM agreed to provide its UX and web design expertise to the client pro bono.

With the goal of launching an end-to-end omnichannel solution, EPAM and the HunRC worked closely through the whole ideation process from the beginning of the discovery phase at the end of 2015 to the launch in May 2017 on World Red Cross Day. This approach helped to build strong trust between the UX team and the client, and the project resulted in not only a new and up-to-date website, but also a totally different mindset and business strategy, helping the HunRC to increase online donations by an annualized 650% since launch.

Key Challenges

When EPAM started the engagement with the HunRC, the following issues with the legacy website were discovered:

  • Outdated design and content
  • Lack of logical site architecture
  • Complicated search and donation flows with no streamlined option for online donations
  • No specific site function to provide adequate information in the event of a catastrophe
  • Admin interface is difficult to use

Solution Highlights

Over the course of the engagement, EPAM exceeded the customer’s expectations, producing the following project highlights for the HunRC:

  • Updated and expanded the brand identity for a digital world
  • Utilized responsive design to maximize conversions and engagement across all devices, including mobile, tablet and desktop
  • Simplified donation flows and optimized them for smaller screens
  • Enabled targeted donations in the event of a catastrophe (i.e. flood) or for a specific situation (i.e. winter food drive, education, holiday gifts)
  • Delivered an overall user experience that makes it easier to donate to and volunteer for the HunRC

The results

In accordance with World Red Cross Day on May 8, 2017, the Hungarian Red Cross’s new website, www., finally launched to the general public with a simulation of catastrophe to showcase the site’s usefulness in a true emergency. In the six months since the launch, the following results have been recorded by the HunRC:

  • 650% increase in estimated annual online donations from 400,000 HUF to 3,00,000 HUF per year
  • 500% increase in daily site visitors from roughly 200 to 1,000 per day
  • Significant positive feedback from users of all ages

Hear from the Customer

“One of the highest levels of volunteering is when a company helps by providing its own expertise. We are grateful to the staff at EPAM that, through their expertise, needy people, supporters and users of our services are now getting much easier access to the information they need.”
István Kardos

Director General, Hungarian Red Cross

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