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Growing Patient Engagement through Social Media Activation Technology

Case Study
  • Healthcare

Leveraging iSwarm, an innovative social media listening and activation technology that finds and engages patients on a global scale, EPAM helped a leading multinational pharmaceutical company connect its patients in emerging markets suffering from knee pain with one of the client’s pain relief drugs.

With iSwarm, EPAM was able to identify 54,000+ people per annum who fit a predetermined patient persona and, as a result, represented the client’s target audience in the Latin American (LA) and Asian Pacific (AP) emerging markets. From there, EPAM helped the client serve social media ads to the target patient population, which led social media users to a landing page full of information to help them improve their health and relieve knee pain.

Key Challenges

The client’s goal focused on identifying, reaching and influencing target patient populations suffering from knee pain who might benefit from a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug. Furthermore, the client needed a third-party provider of social media activation technology to test the effectiveness of finding and influencing patients on social media, as well as answer key questions about the viability of reaching patients in emerging markets.

Solution Highlights

EPAM worked with the client to establish parameters to define a “qualified patient”—a patient suffering from knee pain who would benefit from a specific anti-inflammatory drug. Based on the demographic data of social media users, two target personas were created:

  1. Patients suffering with knee pain
  2. Relatives of patients with knee pain

With these personas in mind, EPAM worked with the client’s social team through two stages to identify and then reach and influence target patient populations to take control of their health.

'Engage' Stage Results

~6 Million
~125 Million
Knee Pain Prevalence
~2.9 Million
Active Twitter Users
~1.2 Million
~8.1 Million
Engagement/Qualified Rate 15.95%
Mobile Users
Gender Split
F: 45% – M: 55%
F: 64% – M: 34%


EPAM helped the client to analyze millions of digital conversations across the two countries. Furthermore, iSwarm presents a new method of marketing in pharma that is not only measurable in terms of ROI, but also successful in connecting patients with the potentially life-saving drugs and clinical trials they need. With iSwarm, pharma companies can finally reach targeted patient populations and have a detailed view of the effectiveness of a social or digital marketing campaign.

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