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Launching & Branding motoxone to an Untapped Motorcycle Market

Case Study
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Looking to launch a tracking device product an undetermined, under-served market in Europe, Vodafone engaged EPAM to develop a working prototype that puts its findxone GPS technology to new use. EPAM researched the market for digitally enabled tracking devices and found that motorcyclists were lacking a heavy-duty, reliable way to keep track of their vehicles.

With the aim of the project clear, EPAM went to prototyping the solution. After just three months of work, the client picked a winning prototype for the new Vodafone motoxone, complete with a high-gloss polycarbonate case and pebble-like shape inspired by the moped’s form.

Key Challenges

  • Designing and delivering a tracking device and connected application that would be more attractive to different users than the typical GPS consumer market already served by findxone
  • Determining the right market for the product based on extensive research
  • Creating a device that appeals to the European moped and motorcycle market
  • Redesigning the tracker into a refined-yet-rugged device that is small enough to fit in the palm of the hand connects seamlessly to a custom application

Solution Highlights

Based on research showing moped and motorcycle consumers were looking for effective tracking, a SOS function, and a simple value proposition from the product, the EPAM team followed a thorough process to develop the solution:

  • Completed a two-day accelerated workshop to help xone understand the wants and needs of the target customer group through user and service mapping
  • Created a lo-fi prototype of the application for testing and sketched visuals of the tracking device itself
  • Explored user feedback by testing Italian, Spanish, and English motorcycle markets
  • Developed the motoxone application and branded it appropriately from design to tone and voice
  • Designed, prototyped, and assembled 120 unique, production-ready prototypes of the tracking device – Used various prototyping methods: FDM, Objet 3D Printing, CNC machining, SLA, silicone tooling, vacuum casting
  • Detailed the product to exacting tolerances for enclosed electronics

The Results

Three months and 120 working prototypes later, Vodafone xone selected the go-to-market version of the motoxone tracking device. This version features a high-gloss polycarbonate case and pebble-like shape inspired by the moped’s form. The project expertly met the following objectives for the Vodafone xone brand:

  • Delivered xone technology to a new market of consumers
  • Rebranded existing findxone brand to motoxone in order to move the technology into the motorcycle market
  • Created a comprehensive brand toolkit to support motoxone
  • Provided users with the ideal set of features within the motoxone app
  • Emphasized ruggedness, ergonomics, and internal electronics to fit with the xone brand

With the motoxone project successfully completed and delivered, EPAM continues to partner with Vodafone on other wide-ranging business initiatives.

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