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Liberty Global & EPAM Personalize the TV Experience

Case Study
  • Media, Entertainment & Telecom

Everyone wants to be Amazon or Netflix. Why? In part, for the spot-on product recommendations that create a personalized experience for every viewer.

That’s exactly what Liberty Global wanted for its launch of Horizon, a revolutionary media and entertainment platform. The goal of Horizon was to deliver tailored UPC cable programming to subscribers in the Netherlands, and across Europe.

Liberty Global said it was ready to reinvent television with the launch of Horizon – and it turned to EPAM to do just that. EPAM & Liberty Global set out to:

  • Launch desktop, iOS and Android applications as part of a cross platform digital entertainment experience
  • Serve up intuitive, personalized recommendations for shows and movies
  • Create new opportunities to expand a user’s subscription
  • Socialize the viewing experience

Key Challenges

  • Creating a beautiful UI across devices: EPAM needed to find a way to create a stellar cross-platform digital entertainment experience leveraging the technologies Liberty Global had. In addition, it was critical to create a beautiful user interface that would meet the individual content needs of each country.
  • Serving up intuitive, personalized recommendations: Liberty Global wanted to be sure Horizon TV served up personalized programming recommendations that would keep visitors watching – and coming back for more.
  • Creating opportunities to expand viewer subscriptions: Behind every great product launch is a great strategy. And Liberty Global knew it needed one – especially to ensure its new viewing experience drove sales.
  • Socializing the viewing experience: When it’s time to launch any new venture – especially one that relies on expanding viewership – it’s important to weave social media through the experience.

Solution Highlights

With all of the technologies in sync, Liberty’s HorizonTV became a flexible, scalable platform that allowed for the management of multi-lingual content and more. These technologies also provided the high-value features that combined a fast adaption of mobile with existing and next generation TV.

EPAM utilized the ThinkAnalytics platform to power the contextual content recommendations throughout the experience. Leveraging the combination of behaviors learned from individuals with trends across the whole audience, Liberty is able to create a unique experience for each user across devices.

EPAM also worked with Liberty Global to identify new upsell opportunities for customers, including upgrading subscription packages, conversion from analog to digital services, and even transactional video-on-demand content. With the addition of My Prime, Liberty Global expanded their offering to include a subscription video-on- demand product to appeal to cord cutters.

Finally, EPAM integrated a Facebook feature into HorizonTV which allowed viewers to see what movies and shows their friends are watching – and make recommendations, too. This enhances the experience by making it easy to connect with buddies – without navigating away from programming.

Global Vendor Award

Liberty Global was so happy with the end product, it awarded EPAM with its 2012 Global Vendor Award for Innovation and Breakthrough.

Technologies Used

  • Xamarin
  • MVVM Cross
  • SQLite
  • Modern HttpClient
  • AutoMapper
  • Microsoft Intune
  • EPAM In-House App Store

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