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Streamlining Door-to-Door Sales Strategy with an Intelligent App

Case Study
  • Media, Entertainment & Telecom

When the client’s business was acquired, the parent company expanded its offering to include fixed-line cable coverage – a service not previously provided by the acquirer, a mobile and DSL specialist. As with any entry into a new business segment, the parent company’s acquisition of the German cable provider presented many challenges, such as integrating data and determining the best way to execute sales strategy for a new service mix.

EPAM helped the client to develop a door-to-door (D2D) sales application that integrates the parent company's service offerings (mobile and DSL) with its own (cable TV) to support sales agents and boost revenue. The solution guides the client's employees around neighborhoods and apartment buildings based on walking lists that EPAM has optimized with real-time customer data to give agents the best possible chance of closing sales in the field.

Key Challenges

  • Developing a next-generation D2D sales application that supports service offerings for cable, internet and mobile
  • Upgrading the system that produces walking lists to include and action upon all of the parent company’s data and services
  • Integrating numerous systems ranging from marketing, scoring and finance to CRM and billing systems

Solution Highlights

The new and improved application is a highly efficient D2D sales navigator that gives sales agents a clear advantage over the competition, with features including:

  • Targeted geo-information system to guide salespeople from location to location without wasting time
  • Instant integration of CRM data to give salespeople full insight into the service history of each potential/existing customer and sales agent’s sales performance
  • Scoring mechanism to provide sales agent only those buildings that are more preferable in terms of potential revenue
  • Branded, dynamic user interface

The Results

With EPAM’s guidance and expertise, the project was completed on time and on budget. Since launching and training its employees to use the solution, the client has:

  • Increased revenue by 3.5 million Euros in just six months
  • Empowered project managers in the field with the resources to effectively manage D2D personnel
  • Provided 1,000 active D2D sales agents with the most efficient data to reach the maximum number of quality leads each day in the field
  • Enabled sales agents to cross-sell the full suite of cable and internet services provided by the client

Technologies Used

  • Oracle/MSSQL
  • OLAP (Exadata)
  • OLTP
  • SAP BOE Reporting
  • Java-based web application
  • Geo-information system
  • MS Access custom plugins

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