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Safely Reopen Your Business with EPAM’s Immunization Pass

COVID-19 has severely impacted nearly every industry, especially healthcare, life sciences, travel and hospitality. As the world begins to ease lockdown measures and social distancing protocols, it is inevitable that there will still be apprehension about how to safely travel, attend large events and gather in public spaces. There is an increasing need among all businesses impacted by the pandemic to share relevant health information, such as immunization and vaccination records, through a reliable and trusted channel. EPAM’s Immunization Pass can help companies safely go back to “business as usual” so consumers can start enjoying shared experiences again.

A Secure, Traceable & Trustworthy Immunization Application

EPAM’s Immunization Pass reliably stores individuals’ immunity status for contagious diseases, such as COVID-19. The app:

  • Provides peace of mind for companies looking to reopen, while ensuring the safety of consumers
  • Enables frictionless travel, providing a degree of normality, freedom and productivity to individuals, organizations, and countries
  • Helps companies determine individual immunity status through a trusted, paperless source
  • Tracks and traces infectious diseases using data from other sources, such as EPAM’s COVID Resistance app, to help prevent future epidemics

Built on Blockchain for Encrypted Use

The application uses proven and secure blockchain technology to safely store user data via encrypted links, ensuring data accuracy and GDPR compliance.

Leveraging facial recognition technology, users have their own individual identity tokens, which are machine-readable through a QR scanner, so they can view their immunization status.

Healthcare professionals use the identity token to access and update users’ vaccination and immunity history through the secure web portal for accuracy and privacy. 

Authorities or companies can scan individuals’ identity tokens to verify their immunization status by using a QR scanning device.

Use Cases for Nearly Every Business

The use cases for EPAM’s Immunization Pass are vast. Any business or organization that relies on people using shared spaces or meeting in close proximity could use the app to ensure that their staff, members are customers are not put at risk. Some specific industry use cases include:

Healthcare Companies
  • Immediate flagging of infected or potentially infected individuals
  • Register patient status and deliver recommendations
Airports & Airlines
  • Screen travelers for valid immunization status pre-travel
  • Create a safe environment for passengers, allowing them to travel with confidence
Public Spaces & Entertainment Venues
  • Monitor guests for immunization status before allowing access to amenities or events

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