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Design Equilibrium - How to Design an Ecosystem


Ecosystems in nature thrive on balance. When that balance is disturbed - whether by a natural disaster, or the extinction of a species - it can take decades, even millennia, to recover. The same principles hold true for business ecosystems. Balance, in a business context, is the value proposition and promise of a brand.

In the past, there was a simple design emphasis on the customer or a single interaction; today, however, designers must consider a whole ecosystem of interactions with a brand to make sure that the value proposition is consistently delivered with each interaction. Thus, the scope of design and the role of the designer has greatly expanded, and a new set of skills are needed to ensure that brands deliver on their promise to all members of the ecosystem, and not just to the customer. Finally, the very goal of design has shifted in this connected ecosystem. It is no longer about creating 'moments of truth', but designing equilibrium.

Learn more about design equilibrium from Jonathan Lupo, VP of Experience Design at EPAM, in his keynote presentation at the 2015 Amuse UX Conference in Budapest.

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