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Forget About Agile: The Case for Building It Right


Gino Marckx, EPAM’s Agile Competency Center Director, makes the curious call to “forget about Agile” and instead focus on building the right software in a recent Software Guru Virtual Conference.

EPAM’s Agile Competency Center has trained more than 7,700 professionals in Agile, but we’ve discovered that Agile training and process implementation aren’t always enough to ensure engineering excellence.

To guarantee success in software engineering, Gino argues that the agile manifesto cannot be interpreted in isolation from the software craftsmanship movement and in fact relies on software craftsmanship to enable innovation, and, of course, building the right software. Get the full rundown from Gino’s Software Guru Virtual Conference presentation: 

Now that you’ve gained new insight into the implementation of Agile methodology, download Gino’s slides so to facilitate your own discussion on the practice with your internal team of developers.

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