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Omnichannel Banking Needs to be More Strategic Than Being All Things to All People

  • Financial Services

In a series of interviews with Finextra, a leading independent newswire and information source for the worldwide financial technology community, EPAM’s Balazs Fejes, SVP, global head of financial services business unit, discusses critical changes and struggles that the digital revolution has brought to banking.

Omnichannel has become little more than a buzz-word and an unrealistic vision for the retail banking sector. In this episode, Mr. Fejes looks to dispel the myth about the application of an omnichannel approach to retail banking. He believes that unlike the consumer retail markets, where the term was coined, the ability for banks to provide all services, across all channels, to all people is an unrealistic ideal. He feels that a truly omnichannel approach in banking is not simply about delivering the same experience to everyone – it runs deeper – it’s about understanding that different customers have different needs and engage with different channels at different stages of the purchasing process.

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