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Selected Presentations from EPAM SEC 2017: Engineering Next


EPAM SEC 2017: Engineering Next focused on the future of technology and what the next generation of solutions will look like for our customers. Over 500 EPAMers and customer representatives gathered in Budapest, Hungary in October 2017 to discuss this topic and hear talks from leaders, including the three EPAM speakers we’ve featured below. 

Customer360 & Deep Digital: EPAM’s Approach to Enterprise Omnichannel Personalization

Watch Kevin Labick, Co-Head, Digital Engagement Practice, and Valentin Tsitlik, VP, Technology Solutions, unpack the definitions of ‘Customer360’ and ‘Deep Digital’ and how EPAM provides these services for our clients.

I, Developer

In this presentation, hear Pavel Veller, CTO, Digital Engagement Practice, talk about what it means to be a full-stack developer today and how real-world experience, not just training, is key to becoming an expert in multiple technologies.

From Big Data to Analytics: Disrupting Organization with Insights

Listen to Istvan Czilik, Senior Director, Enterprise Analytics, as he discusses the internal and external challenges faced by enterprises in the complex retail analytics ecosystem and EPAM’s approach to keeping up with top analytics trends in 2018. 

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