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When Cloud Meets COVID-19, Opportunities and Threats Emerge

"Only 18% of IT leaders believe their businesses are highly prepared for the impact of coronavirus."

Gartner webinar survey.
"A total of 1,500 participants were surveyed during a Gartner webinar presented on 6 March. Multiple industries, countries and regions around the world were represented."


IT Leaders need to rethink the way they work and operate. With a distributed, remote workforce all using  online video conferencing and collaboration services, many IT backend support services are stressed beyond their limits. To assist their internal clients, technology leaders must be prepared to deliver cloud services in line with their published SLAs and demonstrate an uninterrupted customer experience. Only providers that have built a robust and redundant architecture as well as disaster recovery plans, procedures and policies to respond to such a pandemic, will be able to manage the increased load. Per our view this report: 

  • Provides analysis of the threats and opportunities
  • Identifies the events an IT leader should watch
  • Outlines the actions and best practices an IT leader  should take
  • Summarizes how cloud providers are responding


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