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Data & Analytics

We do not believe in collecting data without purpose. Analysis by seasoned experts can bring actionable information to organizations when they need it most. Whether you are looking to make better decisions for business development, or create platforms and solutions that utilize data to streamline and improve operations—we are data-driven, business outcome oriented and we want to help you.

EPAM Acquires Just-BI to Reinforce Leading Position as a Global Business Intelligence Service Provider

EPAM Recognized as a Leading Computer Vision Consultancy

EPAM’s focus on data ties directly into generating business value. We look at data and analytics as a specific set of products, not just the operational reporting necessary to run an organization. We help our customers figure out what kinds of data products they need, the technology platforms to build them and organizational capabilities to govern them.  This is all done within the context of a larger strategy that we craft for you.

We have multiple ways of accelerating delivery for our customers.  We are not only enabling our customers to become more digital, adaptive enterprises—we are giving them the tools they need to transform their business. 

Our Approach

We are a global team of experts that design and build products that unlock the full value of our customer’s data to:

Confidently make fact-based decisions about their customers, operations, markets and products

Build innovative products and services

Automate cognitive and labor-intensive business processes


  • We developed an enterprise-wide, unified data platform solution that provides Element’s customers with the analytics they needed to manage their fleet of vehicles and drivers.

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  • We partnered with Epic Games to build a powerful analytics ecosystem and AWS-based data lake to support the continued growth of their game Fortnite, and to house data for events generated by more than 350 million registered players and users of the Unreal Engine.

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  • We replaced multiple monitoring solutions with a centralized data framework that allows customers to configure equipment, connect to the internet, check data usage and more—streamlining and improving the customer experience.   

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  • Data & Analytics Platform Engineering

    Development and support of data management ecosystems to enable data-driven digital transformation

  • Data Technology Consulting

    Data technology assessment and audit; solution architecture synthesis and implementation planning 

  • Data Science Consulting

    Exploratory data analysis, data modeling and discovery 

  • Business Analytics

    Self-service analytics programs implementation

  • Data & Analytics Strategy

    Corporate data strategy, as well as design of data and analytics programs aligned with business goals

  • Data Commercialization

    Opportunity identification, execution and adoption 

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Machine Learning

    Predictive analytics, anomaly detection, recommender systems, natural language processing, computer vision and optimization 

  • Data Product Engineering

    Data and analytical product design, implementation, roll-out, support and modernization of data and analytics products at scale 


data templates and accelerators 

data platforms implemented

daily active users on EPAM-delivered data platforms

Strong partnerships with major cloud providers
including Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft Azure and AWS



Automated database migration assessment tool for heterogeneous and lift-and-shift migrations


Self-service, fail-safe exploratory environment for collaborative data science work

Hybrid Recommender Accelerator 

Recommender dynamically selects the best algorithm based on available data 

ML Textual Data Extraction Accelerator 

Flexible Python-based framework for an information extraction pipeline