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Welcome to EPAM’s Sitecore Symposium 2020 Content Collection!  

Here you’ll find a plethora of information to help get the most out of Sitecore XP, Sitecore Content Hub™ and Sitecore XC—from presentations with customers to interactive demos to a live roundtable with Sitecore’s CTO, Tom De Ridder.

Take a moment to download key presentations and watch our Sitecore Content Hub demo below.  If you have any questions for the EPAM Sitecore team, please don’t hesitate to get in touch at

There is an untapped opportunity for marketing and digital teams to leverage the combined power of Sitecore Content Hub and the Sitecore Experience Platform™. In many ways, they are complementary products, and together open up new possibilities. To help illustrate this, we built EPAM Homestay.

EPAM Homestay is a fictional site, but the scenarios are from real-world business cases. In this demo, we showcase an end-to-end content lifecycle which includes creating, modifying and distributing digital assets using Content Hub’s DAM module and drafting content and publishing it to web and social media channels using Content Hub’s CMP module. 

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Headless Sitecore Commerce with Sitecore JSS

As consumer expectations continue to rise, retailers recognize the importance of implementing eCommerce solutions with accelerated time-to-market. Learn about EPAM’s Headless Sitecore Commerce Accelerator and how easily you can get started with Sitecore JSS and Sitecore Commerce. 



How the Project Management Institute Reinvented its Digital Presence

A real-life case study about how the Project Management Institute (PMI) completely reinvented its digital presence. Partnering with EPAM, PMI leveraged Sitecore JSS, Sitecore Commerce Connect and Microsoft Azure PaaS to execute on a digital strategy that put the customer experience at the heart of all digital interactions.



Optimizing Dual-region Content Delivery

A deep dive into how EPAM made Sitecore XP 9 resilient across two hemispheres and reduced out-of-hours support costs for a well-known and exclusive UK brand. Discover what EPAM did and the lessons learned along the way.



Navigating the New Normal

With rapidly evolving customer preferences and changes to the business landscape, tomorrow’s digital leaders must adopt flexible strategies and an experimental mindset to allow their organizations to adapt and thrive under any circumstance. 



AI-powered Personalization

Powered by Microsoft Azure, Sitecore XP automatically identifies visitor trends, creates customer segments and modifies page elements to deliver personalized experiences.



Headless Commerce Accelerator

EPAM’s Headless Commerce Accelerator saves businesses time, effort and money on Sitecore development while implementing the latest technology trends. 



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