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An AI-enabled platform that embraces and extends your existing systems. Helping your business scale and drive efficiency.

Ensuring you have the right people, in the right place, at the right time, doing the right work.

A suite of apps that work seamlessly to help you more effectively manage your people, projects and productivity.


  • Telescope gives you an aggregated view of individuals and key metrics in your organisation. 
  • It pulls data from multiple sources (including all TelescopeAI and third-party apps) into a single, easy-to-read view.
  • It’s the place to start when you want to quickly build teams. Offering an in-depth view and the ability to search by competencies, experience, availability, location and more.


  • Staffing is the universal resourcing and recruitment app. Use it to assemble the right team.
  • It is designed to help hiring and staffing managers easily manage their talent supply and demand.
  • It helps you track availability and demand with a view of current and new opportunities. In turn, enabling you to more-effectively and confidently plan.


  • Health is your real-time project status dashboard.
  • It gives you a portfolio view of the status of all of your projects. With intelligence on trends in staffing, budget, scope and timing.
  • To help you easily identify which projects need support and where.


  • PERF is the project and team performance analysis app.
  • It seamlessly integrates with software development tools to produce multiple engineering metrics and KPIs around velocity, quality, workload, compliance and more.  
  • Its simple chart interface helps you easily spot trends and issues and quickly alleviate bottlenecks and improve processes with those that need it, first-hand.


  • Grow is the skills development app.
  • It supports your employees’ career growth through self-directed learning and manager collaboration - with goal planning and setting, as well as assessment and feedback.
  • It automatically flags individual learning development needs and helps employees and their managers track a bespoke path for promotion.
  • Once specific areas for development have been identified, employees can pick up a range of educational courses.


  • Learn is a hub of educational courses from working professionals.
  • It brings together internal and external content into a digital course catalogue, which you can tailor to your professional learning program to your career, through intelligent discovery and recommendation and learn from people doing those jobs.
  • It allows your employees to take their future into their own hands.

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