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Standout Strategies: How Telcos Are Innovating in a Crowded Market

The search for new revenue streams that go beyond connectivity has taken telecom operators in many directions over the years. Even today, there is no single recipe for success, and communications service providers (CSPs) and telecom operators continue to experiment with a wide variety of products and services, an assortment of business models and a range of different market segments across B2B and B2C.

Together with TM Forum, EPAM has explored how telcos are innovating to diversify business in a crowded market. Read five stories of transformation that explore:

  • An IoT venture focused network connectivity used core mobile businesses
  • A platform business featuring third-party developers building products and services for the small and medium enterprises (SME) market
  • A digital healthcare business that operates largely independently of telecoms
  • An IT and digital services business launched by a telecom operator outside of its home market.
  • A metaverse venture created for the home market emerging as a global platform business.

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