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Unlocking Business Potential with Apple’s Vision Pro

Apple's upcoming Vision Pro headset, which promises more than just advanced technology—it represents a seismic shift in how we work, learn, and connect. Brands need to understand this new revolutionary technology to unlock next-level user experiences and capitalize on it.

Imagine a workspace where geographical barriers become irrelevant thanks to the immersive virtual collaboration offered by the Vision Pro. Picture training programs that mirror real-world scenarios with unprecedented fidelity. In the realm of commerce, consider the potential for customers to virtually “try before they buy,” enhancing their buying confidence and your sales performance. Embracing this technological transformation is not easy.

This eBook offers you insights into:

  • Why the Vision Pro headset is so revolutionary (just like the iPhone in 2007) and how it could pave the way for novel business models and services, catalyzing another technological renaissance.
  • Explore the opportunities for enhanced human-centric digital experiences, and how your brand can better engage with consumers, as well as enhancing user experience on the enterprise level.
  • Navigate how the fluidity between UI and UX needs rethinking, and how brands should explore the user’s interaction in spatial computing.
  • Understand Apple’s software and hardware integration, master Apple's design principles and the technical know-how to develop seamless, intuitive interactions.

To fully grasp the opportunities offered by the Vision Pro, download now our eBook.

About the Authors:

Robin Moser
Head of Web3 & Metaverse DACH, EPAM Continuum

With 10 years’ experience in the extended reality (XR) space, Robin blends technology savvy with value-added commercial excellence. As a startup founder and CEO, he worked with brands such as Red Bull, Deutsche Telekom and Verizon in developing augmented reality solutions for enhanced consumer experience. At EPAM, he’s heading the Web3 & Metaverse practice in the DACH region, unlocking our clients’ full potential in Web3, XR, AI, blockchain and metaverse.

Jie Li
XR & Metaverse Global Research Lead, EPAM

As a senior research consultant at EPAM, Jie Li helps businesses’ decision makers through data.
With 10 years of cross-sector user-centered research experience, she develops evaluation methods for clients to better understand human behavior and social experiences in order to design novel XR experiences.

Danis Tazetdinov
Apple Platforms Evangelist, EPAM

At EPAM, Danis is responsible for all things Apple – from technology consulting to programs and application development. Not only helping our clients navigate the Apple environment, he provides training on Apple platforms updates for developers, QA engineers and project managers.


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