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Talent Alpha’s Future of Work Report 2020

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Talent Alpha’s Future of Work Report 2020

The biggest IT spending drivers from TechTarget's 2020 IT Priorities Survey remain relevant amid the COVID-19 pandemic, although cuts in planned spending are likely.

In October, Talent Alpha released their in-depth Future of Work Report 2020 ‘From Headcount to Skill Count’ that discusses how companies need to change their skills management strategy to adjust to the new reality. EPAM was proud to be included in this report in the following areas:

  • EPAM’s SVP, Chief People Officer, Larry Solomon provided an expert view on the global tech talent gap and how EPAM helps address the current challenges in the market.
  • EPAM’s Information Architect Nikolai Chesalin highlights how EPAM provides total skills management through its comprehensive data management system that is powered by artificial intelligence.
  • EPAM’s Senior Director, Delivery Management Office, Dmitry Razorionov showcases how EPAM puts the human cloud into practice through its EPAM Anywhere program.

Read the full report here