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Cloud Operating Models & Organizational Change with Miha Kralj & Sandra Loughlin

Miha Kralj, EPAM’s VP of Cloud Strategy, and Sandra Loughlin, our Chief Learning Scientist, discuss how the cloud will affect your IT strategy, your workforce and your company’s learning strategy.  

How to Select the Right Customer Data Platform for your Business

As companies look to unify, segment and activate customer profiles across channels, they are faced with finding the right customer data platform to fit their unique needs.

The Road to Composable: A Brief History of High Cohesion and Low Coupling

EPAM’s CTO, Digital, Yury Bialykh drives us through the history of MACH and traces the road we took to reach our composable present.

Into the Metaverse

Here, we unpack what the metaverse is, how it’s evolving and the key technology building blocks that are forming the foundation of the future today.

Personalization Pitfalls & Best Practices (Pt. 1)

Read this blog to learn personalization best practices that can enable you to build a powerful strategy.

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