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Rethinking Software-led Finance Transformation

EPAM’s out-of-the-box tools can be combined to support finance functions and reduce the burden of spreadsheets without the installation and maintenance required by standard software packages.

ReFashion: A Sustainable Trend

ReFashion is big business and growing. We delve into the consumer demands, government actions and business opportunities that spell change for how clothing companies think about upcycling, recycling and repairing.

Inner Focus: Using Virtual Reality and Data to Improve Healthcare

Inner Focus is a VR app and modular platform designed for use by healthcare companies to leverage biometric sensing and data to personalize pain management, PTSD treatment and more. 

Cloud Operating Models & Organizational Change with Miha Kralj & Sandra Loughlin

Miha Kralj, EPAM’s VP of Cloud Strategy, and Sandra Loughlin, our Chief Learning Scientist, discuss how the cloud will affect your IT strategy, your workforce and your company’s learning strategy.  

Into the Metaverse

Here, we unpack what the metaverse is, how it’s evolving and the key technology building blocks that are forming the foundation of the future today.

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