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Corporate Responsibility

At EPAM, our approach to corporate responsibility is guided by three principles: operate ethically, protect the environment, and support our global and local communities.

Learn how our ESG program is helping make the world a better place, one solution at a time. 

Making a Global & Local Impact

EPAM’s 25+ year history is unique. Engaging with our extended communities through education and innovation programs has always been a big part of our story. Everything we do starts with an EPAMer taking initiative and making their idea real by connecting with the experts in our organization. By sharing our creative talents and innovation with the communities around us, our employees are empowered to create a global network of impact, powered by local connections.

EPAM Wins LinkedIn’s Best Culture of Learning Talent Award

EPAM won the ‘Best Culture of Learning’ Award at the 2021 LinkedIn Talent Awards for its investment in creating learning and development opportunities for employees to grow in their careers.

Finding Solutions to the Climate Crisis for BIMA’s Digital Day

This year’s BIMA Digital Day brought together digital and tech companies with students from schools across the UK to addressing environmental issues.

EPAM Named to Newsweek’s 2021 Top 100 Most Loved Workplaces

EPAM has earned recognition among Newsweek’s list of Most Loved Workplaces for employee happiness and satisfaction at work.

The Resonance Test 66: Taking the True Measure of ESG

Professor Jennifer Howard-Grenville and our CMO, Elaina Shekhter, have an honest and intelligent dialogue on measuring ESG initiatives.

Philip Storm on the Meaning of Ethics and Compliance at EPAM

Philip Storm, EPAM’s Chief Compliance Officer and SVP, talks about how ethics and compliance function in our culture.  

Creating a Vision & Sustainability Solutions

EPAM’s Sustainability Expert discusses how EPAM’s networked teams ethos, combined with sense of social responsibility, helped his team produce work on carbon footprint data that radiates tremendous potential.

ESG + CSR = Better Business + A Better World

Read this lively dialogue, featuring two EPAM leaders, to learn how our CSR projects have evolved into a powerful ESG program.

BLOG: EPAMer Stories

Greetings, Innovators! Interested in exploring our technology expertise, leadership stories, career tips, company culture and more? We’ve got a blog for that.

Co-Innovation Spotlight

We integrate acting for good into every aspect of our business and build strategic, sustained relationships with customers who can help us multiply our impact in the world and build a better global future for all.

Creating A Culture of Sustainable Packaging: Families & Their Attitudes Toward Yogurt

This EPAM Continuum research report digs into how consumers feel about the sustainability of consumer packaging, and offers suggestions for how companies can meet their needs and wants.

The Plastic Bag Problem: EPAM Continuum and Footprint Zero Partner to Tame a Pollution Beast

Footprint Zero and EPAM Continuum designed a plastic bag minimizer to streamline and simplify the recycling process and reduce pollution caused by plastic bags worldwide.

ImageNPay: Making Digital Payments Interactive and Carbon Neutral

EPAM partnered with ImageNPay to develop an innovative digital payment solution that delivered a greener and more inclusive way to make payments.

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How EPAM, Liberty Global, and Virgin Media Supported Raspberry Pi’s Online Showcase

EPAM, Liberty Global, and Virgin Media were proud to partner jointly to support the Raspberry Pi Foundation’s Coolest Projects online showcase for 775 young technologists and creators from 39 countries. 

EPAM Teams Hacked for Good with Partner Estée Lauder

Two concepts submitted by EPAM made the possibility of a world where breast cancer survivors are more connected, and cancer detection more personal and accessible, closer than ever before. 

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EPAM Partnered with UNICEF to Slow the Spread of COVID-19

EPAM partnered with UNICEF ECARO to grow its web-based chatbot HealthBuddy into a mobile app to help government authorities, healthcare workers and the general public slow the spread of COVID-19.

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2020 Corporate Responsibility Milestones

Learn how EPAMers stepped up to the challenges that 2020 brought by innovating, delivering, educating, and donating to support our local and global communities and help fight the pandemic.

Employment Recognitions