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Talent Enablement & Transformation

Adapt and transform by developing employee knowledge, skills, mindset and new ways of working.


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The Digital Revolution is Changing Everything

As the world undergoes rapid transformation, your business needs cutting-edge digital and digital-adjacent capabilities to thrive. The global pandemic highlighted the need for continuously evolving workforce skills. Everyone, from executives to front-line employees, needs to develop new knowledge, skills, mindsets and ways of working. 


Drive the Business Forward by Enabling Your People

For digital transformation to be successful, organizations need to put people first, which means attracting right talent, developing in-house capabilities and communities of practice, and creating a culture and ecosystem for motivation and support. Achieving these goals is harder than it seems — each year, CXOs devote billions of dollars to training initiatives that do not achieve demonstrable outcomes due to outdated approaches to digital upskilling.


Our Integrated Approach Will Make it Real

We are not a training firm — we’re a leading IT and transformational company with on-the-ground insights and experience working with digital natives. With vast experience nurturing our own industry-recognized technical workforce, we know what it takes to reorient an organization through people by attracting, developing and retaining incredible talent.

Our award-winning talent enablement and transformation solutions blend our software engineering and digital DNA with the latest research in learning science and organization change management. Clients trust us to understand their specific business challenges connected to transformation and build a learning culture that stands the test of rapid change.

Our Core
Focus Areas

IT Executive Education

Ensure IT executives and senior leaders understand digital imperatives from the perspective of key decision-making and vertical oversight. This is accomplished by setting and refining tech strategy, balancing insourced and outsourced talent, asking the right questions of teams and determining and tracking the right impact metrics.

Digital Readiness Program

Bring IT and business onto the same page with a well-designed digital readiness program. Multiply the transformation efforts by creating a common language and foundational understanding of technology, data, product mindset, cross-functional teams and agile ways of working for business.

Practitioner Development

Leverage high-impact upskilling programs that blend cutting-edge content with the elements that drive behavior change: on-the-job practice, mentorship/coaching, social learning and authentic skill verification.

Attract, Develop & Retain the Best Talent

Create one integrated talent ecosystem that will quickly and efficiently motivate and support individuals — and the organization — to develop new capabilities. Align incentives and support that enable employees to continually develop the skills necessary to enable your IT strategy.

Data Literacy Program

Equip your people with the knowledge and skills to maximize the impact of data. Develop a data-literate organization that uses data as a company asset, evaluates and questions data, and knows how to interact with and derive insights from data to inform decision-making and drive business success.


Educating Automotive Company Leaders for Digital Transformation 


Using an Integrated Talent Ecosystem to Support Capability Building


Empowering Insurance Executives to Lead Digital Transformation


The Human Side of Transformation

People enable transformation; however, adapting to change can be a challenge. Watch our webinar to learn how you can build a talent ecosystem where employee capabilities evolve with business needs.


Align Skills and Strategy with Capability Academies

While there are many types of capability academies, in this article, we focus on enabling executives to lead digital transformation, because it is a crucial issue for many organizations.


Capability Building That Works

Typical upskilling activities are no match for the depth of learning required to thrive in a dynamic digital future. Watch our webinar about Capability Academy approach to upskilling that works.



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