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Educating Automotive Company Leaders for
Digital Transformation

Accelerating Towards Transformation

For more than a century, our client has been a leader in the automotive industry, delivering excellence in design, precision planning and efficient manufacturing. To continue to build the world’s most desirable cars, the company needed to accelerate product and business transformation by harnessing the power of rapidly changing technologies. However, when the company began setting its key IT goals for 2020, the executive team realized that IT senior managers had knowledge gaps in priorities, did not share a lexicon and lacked a common vision for change. The company decided to invest in a mandatory learning program to enable their top leaders — 185 IT executives and senior managers around the globe — with the digital skills necessary to drive forward their technology vision.

 With years of experience helping companies tackle complex technology and organizational change efforts by combining our engineering DNA with newly expanded integrated consulting capabilities, EPAM Continuum was chosen by the client to design, implement and support a certified learning program for IT senior managers. Over the course of our partnership together, we helped the automotive leader become more knowledgeable, more agile and transform into a digital organization.

Target Areas for Digital Transformation

  • Free & Open Source Software

  • DevOps

  • Cloud

  • API

  • Data Security

  • People & Organization

Key Goals & Considerations

  • Increase IT leaders’ technical and leadership capabilities in areas core to the transformation strategy
  • Assess IT leader readiness to show which target skills are prevalent and which areas are missing
  • Lay the groundwork for collaboration and implementation
  • Gain insights from our real-life experience working with automotive leaders undergoing transformation

Our Approach

Leading digital transformation isn’t a simple skill that is easily learned. It is an incredibly complex meta-capability that requires mastery, synthesis and prioritization of several mutually-dependent capabilities.

Our Client Learning and Talent Enablement team used a cutting-edge, research-based learning approach called a capability academy. Academies combine carefully designed learning experiences, resources and activities that are grounded in business strategy, unfold over time and predict tangible business outcomes.

Program design and development heavily leveraged our engineering expertise and insights from its on-the-ground experience, including topics that are critical for the digital transformation in the automotive industry.

Integrated Consulting Team

Senior Technologists
Industry Experts
Learning Experts
CIO advisors
Organizational Change Consultants

We found opportunities in each area, and B&S asked us to implement our recommendations to mature the eCommerce platform. With the improved platform, B&S can onboard any of its business activities in a cost-efficient way without platform performance loss. As a result, the company was able to quickly go from four to 14 onboarded businesses.

With the technical improvements we implemented, EPAM Continuum was able to elevate the platform maturity, enabling a “one platform” approach for both B2B and the growing D2C market. Our refinements made the platform more resilient and stable, improved and accelerated front-end delivery, enabled unused capabilities and established appropriate business and delivery metrics.

Solution Highlights

To prepare IT executives to lead digital transformation, we designed, implemented and supported a learning program that featured:

  • Specialized content. Interactive, self-serve online content was developed by IT leaders for IT leaders. The content incorporated our engineering insights and lessons learned from decades of experience with digital natives.
  • Reflection and organizational evaluation. Leaders were guided in assessing organizational maturity in each target area. From there, they were provided with options and considerations regarding key technologies, processes and organizational changes required to move forward.
  • Implementation advisory. Our IT experts met individually and in small groups with participants to address the most critical aspect of the engagement: implementation. Current and future implementation challenges and considerations were raised, and the groups worked together to ideate solutions, trade-offs and remediation activities.
  • Action-planning workshops. Cohorts of leaders met with our technology and transformation experts to develop concrete, individual action plans aligned to the transformation strategy.
  • Knowledge and efficacy assessments. The program began and ended with individual, scenario-based knowledge assessments. Participants were also asked to rate their confidence in implementing the organization’s tech vision.
  • Tailored approach. Every aspect of the engagement — from content to coaching to workshops — was tailored to the client’s strategy and organizational context.

Impact to Date

To help IT leaders become more knowledgeable, we designed, implemented and supported a learning program that featured:


Average growth in knowledge


of IT leaders felt better prepared to implement IT imperatives


of participants praised the content and design of the learning experience


said they would recommend the program to colleagues

Additionally, improved technical understanding enhanced all senior leaders’ decision-making and enabled them to create strategy-aligned individual action plans. The client saw greater participation among senior managers in strategy-related initiatives and increased engagement across the organization related to the IT strategy. EPAM Continuum was recognized by the client, as well as honored with several industry awards, for this program.


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