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Align the Core Drivers of Learning—Motivation and Opportunity—Into a Balanced System

CTDO – by Sandra Loughlin

Building employee capabilities is critical to business success. Leaders at all levels of an organization need to identify the capabilities required to drive the business forward, hire for those capabilities, and continuously develop them in employees.

That isn't a new concept—most companies have established L&D teams and corporate universities specifically to address it. But the challenge of truly implementing a capability-based talent approach—and implications from failing to do so successfully—are different than they were in the past.

This situation may rest heavily on your mind, and you may even wonder whether a scalable, effective, and evergreen capability-building approach is even possible. I am here to confirm that it is.

My employer, EPAM Systems—a global digital transformation services and product engineering company with an award-winning learning culture and low attrition rates—is proof that evergreen capability building is not only viable but creates organizational agility and continuous learning. Our approach is an integrated talent ecosystem.

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