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The Role Of Enterprises In Bridging The Education-Employability Chasm

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The Role Of Enterprises In Bridging The Education-Employability Chasm

Nearly 97 million jobs are estimated to emerge in less than a decade. However, the right talent is needed to capitalize on the promising global growth trend. India could have a resource pool surplus by 2030, but the shortage of relevant skills is expected to persist. Focusing on skilling and upskilling talent is imperative to enhancing employability. Fortunately, several progressive enterprises are recognizing their role in improving the employability of the future workforce and leveraging their resources for this.

A Blueprint for Fresh Talent Learning Program

EPAM Systems is a leading digital transformation services and product engineering company. The company’s India division created the EPAM University Program (EUP) - a unique learning program that enhances fresh talent's employability and industry readiness.

EUP offers a 12-week extensive training program called EPAM Center of Excellence (EPAM COE) with a 'Train the Trainer’ approach. It involves training faculty members of various academic institutions in five in-demand technical streams: Java, .Net, Front-end, Automation Testing and Cloud & DevOps. After completing the training, faculty members train the students of their respective institutions. The ‘Train the Trainer’ approach is an effective way of integrating industry knowledge with academia, thus contributing to closing the education-employability chasm. Through this program, EPAM empowers its people by helping them upskill themselves as mentors and leaders. The program equips students with professional skills and knowledge of real-life business scenarios while pursuing academics. This improves the industry-readiness of students and provides them with a significant competitive edge at the beginning of their careers.

Pre-Education Program (PEP) is another important initiative of EPAM. It is a pre-employment training program for pre-final and final-year students to enhance their employability. PEP offers training on fundamental theoretical and practical knowledge of various in-demand technical skills like Java. It also focuses on motivating students to be proactive in learning relevant and essential skills required for their careers as software engineers. As an employability-focused training program designed for students about to begin their professional journey, PEP provides a substantial thrust to their careers’ take-off.

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