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Transform your operating model to accelerate your business's growth.

In today’s consistently inconsistent market, you need reliable streams of revenue that scale.

No longer does a deal-driven, project-based approach achieve the speed, innovation or customer satisfaction necessary to sustain growth. You need an operating model that allows you to cost-effectively create products and services that surprise and delight – and stand out from the competition. By shifting to a product-centric operating model, your business can better align its portfolio, leverage data-driven insights from improved platforms and take advantage of digital-native capabilities, allowing you to reduce time-to-market and achieve scale.

EPAM can help you get there. We act as a strategic partner, assisting you in transforming business processes, delivering product and platform innovation and adapting your culture to create long-term value for your customers. Our multidisciplinary teams leverage our proprietary tools to gain a thorough understanding of your business's unique needs, helping us to create a roadmap for digital transformation. Drawing on our deep engineering experience, we work with you to execute your strategy, so you can deliver on your customers' greatest expectations – iteratively and without compromising quality. Are you ready to deliver operational change that scales and drives sustained value? Work with us.

How We Work
with You

Operating Model Transformation

Working hand-in-hand with your executive leadership, we help you define financial and operating KPIs crucial to your business’s success and design an operating model to achieve – and exceed – those goals. We quickly identify needed capabilities and opportunities for improvement, then align the resources necessary to execute.

Platform & Product Enhancement

With our end-to-end product management services, we help craft a product vision aligned with market needs, partner to explore untapped markets and help you bring your product to market. We focus on refining your product and platform strategies to maximize your ROI. We leverage our best-in-class capabilities to fill in operational gaps and help you deliver products and services that exceed expectations. 

Process Optimization

With a change in business model comes a change in processes – ones that are free of siloes, foster collaboration and unleash innovation. We help you standardize your product management processes by realigning your DevOps processes, reallocating your R&D spend and training your teams to integrate new tools and technology into their work.

Organizational & Cultural Alignment

From entry-level to executive leadership, we support every layer of the organization throughout every step of your transformation journey. We provide continuous education – and agile coaching along the way – as your teams adapt to new ways of working and thinking. With us, you’ll foster a culture of excellence — one that connects engineering performance with business results and drives business change through effective delivery that scales. 



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