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The Resonance Test 69: Talking Teslasuit with Sergei Nossoff & Andrei Pyko

The Resonance Test 69: Talking Teslasuit with Sergei Nossoff & Andrei Pyko

The digital and virtual worlds now have an intriguing new interface: Teslasuit. This is a full-body haptic smart garment that, when combined with VR, creates deeply immersive experiences. EPAM was so impressed with this tech that we invested in Teslasuit; and we thought it would be worth taking a closer look.

So, we invited Sergei Nossoff, CEO of Teslasuit, and Andrei Pyko, who runs the company’s research team, to visit our Boston studio and demo their sleek black haptic feedback garments. After permitting a few adventurous colleagues to step into the Teslasuit and the virtual world it connects to, Elaina Shekhter, our Chief Marketing & Strategy Officer, talked with our Teslasuit friends about its use cases, the company’s business model, the data privacy issues involved here and more. The results: a fun new episode of The Resonance Test. Try it on for size!


  1. Teslasuit: Watch a video of Teslasuit in action.
  2. EPAM Invests in Go Philly Fund: Curious to learn more about EPAM’s recent investment activities? Read this.
  3. Just What the Doctor Ordered: When it comes to health and wellness, VR is moving from the edge to the center. Here’s a tidy introduction to VR's healthy side.
  4. The Privacy Web: This piece breaks down some of the complexities of personal identifiable information, or PII (if you want to get informal).
  5. Who Wants to Partner with Nikola Tesla? Consider our brief introduction to the person for whom Teslasuit, with some thematically appropriate thoughts about collaboration and innovation.
  6. Telepresence: Marvin Minsky’s famed idea of “presence” seems to have presaged Teslasuit: “You don a comfortable jacket lined with sensors and muscle-like motors. Each motion of your arm, hand, and fingers is reproduced at another place by mobile, mechanical hands.” Read Minsky’s 1980 Omni magazine article and judge for yourself.


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