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The Resonance Test 68: Sidhant Jena on Data-Driven Dairy Farming

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Could a dairy farm have its own EHR? What’s the connection between smart phones and milk? Can data be useful tool in improving the cows of health and, ultimately, the people who drink the milk that cows supply? The answer to all these questions is yes. In this fascinating episode of The Resonance Test, Sidhant Jena, Co-Founder & Director of FaunaTech, speaks with our Duncan Freake, explaining the process of precision dairy farming and what he calls “the quantified cow.”

Jena talks with passion and intelligence about the transformative power that farmers’ phones (they’re a “high-tech solution in the hands of dairy farmers”) and how they enable “a much easier behavior change to bring about and bring in advanced measurement techniques that enable better understanding of the health of animals.” Along the way, Jena gets into the topics of government collaboration, milk pricing and data aggregation. Listen, and you’ll hear some wonderful AgTech talk.