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Responsible AI

Designing AI systems that are compliant, trustworthy and responsible

AI is here. And it’s evolving at an unprecedented pace. 

The demand for AI services, products and offerings are driving accelerated adoption of these systems across all business verticals. To meet this demand, you need to embrace the opportunities and innovation that AI can unlock while also managing risk.

No matter where you are along your AI journey, we are here to help you adopt responsible AI practices by establishing governance, policy and risk management at the enterprise level to ultimately drive value. With expertise in legal technology, experience design and data science advisory, EPAM understands not only the complex regulatory landscape but also how to build AI solutions that are compliant, trustworthy and responsible. 

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Responsible AI Assessment


Product-Level Gap Analysis & Roadmapping

Enterprise Responsible AI Transformation


Guiding Principles for Responsible Development of AI Systems

We believe all AI development and deployment should be guided by several principles, which EPAM embraces when developing our own solutions or our client’s AI systems. 

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Responsible AI: 5 Keys to Ensuring Your Company is Prepared



Responsible AI: 5 Keys to Ensuring Your Company is Prepared

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*The EPAM Responsible AI Assessment does not constitute legal, regulatory or financial advice and should not be relied upon as such. EPAM will not provide consultation on legal, regulatory or other compliance issues in respect of the EPAM Responsible AI Assessment.