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Outside-In Validation

Validate and harden your cybersecurity capabilities with outside-in testing.

Today’s threat landscape makes it difficult to hone a dynamic strategy.

Even with ample security precautions in place, there are still unknown vulnerabilities and methods that an attacker could exploit. What can a threat actor achieve from outside of your network and are there vulnerabilities and lessons your security team could learn to further harden your defenses?

We jointly work with your team to constantly improve and fine tune the security controls of your products and platforms, ensuring that your key digital tools are resilient and able to repel attack attempts in the wild.

Our Core
Focus Areas

Custom Security Research

As you digitize and connect your custom products and services, they become vulnerable to new threats and attack methods, and need to be continuously validated. We perform a deep examination of your critical products and platforms, software, network, user interfaces, hardware and firmware, giving you actionable insights to harden your defenses.

Next-Gen Red Teaming

Commercial cybersecurity tools don’t necessarily reduce risk since they can’t easily adapt to new attack methods. They also throw exhaustive results with numerous false alerts that your team must manually sort through and then rectify, which is a huge strain on resources. Our team provides offensive security as a service through our Eye of the Enemy platform to optimize and strengthen your defensive strategy.

Fullstack Pentesting

Penetration testing is crucial for exposing the business risk of security vulnerabilities and must keep pace with rapid agile development that integrates into your CI/CD pipeline. We test web, iOS and Android applications, APIs, cloud and internal network infrastructure, as well as hardware devices. After a preliminary assessment, we can identify and prioritize vulnerabilities based on the severity of an attacker’s damage in exploiting them, and the associated risk through a detailed report.


Press Release

EPAM Acquires Israel-based White-Hat Ltd.


Press Release


EPAM Acquires Israel-based White-Hat Ltd.

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