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Continuous Testing and the Power of Automation

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CPO Magazine – by Adam Auerbach

Continuous Testing and the Power of Automation

User experience is everything in our modern world – businesses who do not prioritize this will fall behind, especially those in highly competitive industries. Ensuring a stable and secure user experience necessitates accelerated release cycles (while remaining error-free), cost efficiency and a strong security posture, all of which is possible through continuous testing. And as software companies increase the speed of their releases, continuous testing sets a precedent for how to ensure high quality while also providing a more optimal means of running security checks.

What is Continuous Testing, and Why is it Important?

Continuous testing (CT) is a software testing method that discovers and confronts various issues throughout the stages of the development journey. An invaluable aspect of development teams, the CI/CD pipeline, CT helps developers and product managers find and fix potentially harmful bugs in the early and even later stages of the software development lifecycle (SDLC). CT provides consistent and insightful feedback with each automated test preventing code errors from getting released into the wild, strengthening business risk coverage and guaranteeing satisfied customers through suburb user experience.

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