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Bringing Continuous Testing Into the Software Delivery Pipeline

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DevOps – by Adam Auerbach

Bringing Continuous Testing Into the Software Delivery Pipeline

For any highly competitive industry that relies on a smooth and stable user experience, it is vital that their development teams accelerate release cycles, lower operating costs and ultimately reduce risks. Continuous testing is one-way companies can achieve these objectives.

As a subset of software testing, continuous testing (CT) is valuable because it uncovers and addresses different problems at various stages of the development journey that other methods don’t. Most other testing methodologies require a large staff; CT doesn’t. CT leverages in-sprint automation, including end-to-end tests across the front and back end of the technology to cut costs and facilitate rapid delivery without adding more pressure on internal teams. Moreover, as part of a larger software delivery pipeline, CT is positioned closer to the beginning to execute tests early, often and comprehensively to realize cohesive release goals.

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