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Consumers Unmasked: New study reveals key buying triggers, as brand ethics become critical

Agility PR Solutions – by Richard Carufel

As we approach a full-on post-COVID world (sooner than later, hopefully!), brands and retailers will be dealing with the collateral damage of the pandemic for some time—and in many ways, as a permanent part of the new normal. New research from business challenges consultancy EPAM Continuum explores Millennial and Gen-Z shoppers’ spending habits across the food, fitness, fashion, travel and home industries.

The first in a four-part study, the firm’s new project follows a consumer council made up of 71 younger shoppers—examining these habits through discussion forums, Q&As, diaries and vlogs.

“Both established retailers and consumer product companies are facing a heightened sense of disruption from marketplaces and direct-to-consumer acceleration, but also massive societal shifts and cultural change,” said Alex van Gestel, VP of consumer products at EPAM, in a news release. “How technology and marketing leaders respond to this and pivot will be critical. In order to re-calibrate plans and find new ways forward, businesses need fresh data points and insights. This research should help shine a light on new possibilities.”

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