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Elevating governance, risk and compliance throughout the software development life cycle with digital risk management

Security Magazine – by Boris Khazin

Despite its guiding force for most enterprise’s security initiatives, today’s approach to governance, risk and compliance (GRC) is still primarily a manual process. While a necessity—driven by ever-evolving rules regarding privacy, the environment and cybercrime, traditional GRC approaches often fall short, particularly as risks increase and the inability to mitigate them come with dire consequences.

With a tendency to rely on people more than technology, current practices are often implemented after a risk or a new regulation is identified, which is why digital risk management (DRM) is critical. As a more encompassing and modern approach that extends not only GRC capabilities but also Integrated Risk Management (IRM) and Enterprise Risk Management (ERM), DRM provides new tools and techniques risk professionals can interweave into operations and technology with unprecedented detail to strengthening the enterprise.

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