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Education Technology Services Brochure 

Education Technology Services Brochure 

The demand for digital learning products and services is rapidly growing. Changes in consumer behavior prompted the shift to learner-centric product design. User requirements and expectations are raising increasing and causing educational products and services to evolve in complexity. The speed of new releases is accelerating. The consumer EdTech market is expected to grow faster than b2b.

Today, learning companies are considering new business approaches and reinventing educational products and services to disrupt the education market. To gain leading positions and stay on top, they need to leverage the latest technology advancements and enable aggressive growth.

EPAM is uniquely positioned to accelerate transformation and growth for learning companies who wish to disrupt the EdTech market. We offer a combination of capabilities – education technology, learning content, and experience design – that no other company in EPAM’s category provides. We are ready to take responsibility for the result with no handoffs, from the business model change to the learning experience design to the educational product design and development. We can do it fast and at scale.

Download this brochure to learn how EPAM can address your goals:

  • Develop and implement new business models, so you can innovate and grow to become an EdTech market disruptor.
  • Build quality educational products and learning experiences that bring value to your clients.
  • Unlock the speed of your transformation and scale for aggressive growth.

EPAM's Unique Combination of Capabilities for EdTech Companies