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Expecting the Unexpected with an Adaptive Workforce

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SpiceWorks - by Larry Solomon & Neeladri Roy

Expecting the Unexpected with an Adaptive Workforce

Insurtech Winter? That Doesn’t Have to Be Bad.

Future employees need the skills and training to adapt quickly to sudden and rapid organizational changes. Larry Solomon, chief people officer, SVP, and Neeladri Roy, VP, people programs and technology at EPAM Systems, Inc. share tips and practices on how companies can begin to cultivate an adaptive workforce.

The last few years demonstrated that flexibility and a willingness to change are crucial to longevity, especially in the modern workforce, which is undergoing rapid shifts in expectations, technology, and approaches. Notably, the Great Resignation has many businesses scrambling for strategies to maintain their workforces. Dubbed the Reskilling Revolution by the World Economic Forum, companies will need to implement programs to help current employees become more tech-savvy without decreasing productivity. One-off training sessions and constantly hiring new employees isn’t the answer – organizations must prepare to support flexible and continuous learning efforts. Navigating the future’s challenges will require businesses to cultivate a workforce that can quickly adopt new skills, policies, and opportunities.  

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