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EPAM Hungary Named a Top 3 Most Attractive Employer in Technology by PwC

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EPAM Hungary Named a Top 3 Most Attractive Employer in Technology by PwC

According to PwC’s Employee Preference Survey, corporate culture and management have gained importance in the workplace choices of young people in the second year of Covid. The option of working from home has made it into the top ten of job preferences for the first time this year. Reduced uncertainty did not change employees’ priorities this year, which had experienced a complete reordering last year: base salary is still the top priority, followed by a flexible and predictable work schedule. This year, PwC Hungary has surveyed the job preferences of young and experienced employees in Hungary for the fifth time.

How do young people choose a job?

The results of PwC’s survey show that the reduced uncertainty has not led respondents aged 19 to 28 to return to the priorities they had before the pandemic. Moreover, certain aspects became even more pronounced, with base salary still remaining the top priority. This is followed by control over working hours, i.e. a flexible and predictable work schedule. Young employees accept if flexibility goes hand in hand with occasional overload, but they expect corporations to provide proper compensation in such cases.

The pandemic substantially reshaped young people’s attitudes toward workplaces. The new situation clearly strengthened the role of corporate culture, which is key not only to a better employee experience but also to a successful and appealing employer branding. Employees and job-seekers give a higher priority to immediate colleagues and management style: these factors earned the fourth and sixth places in young employees’ overall ranking in 2021. Experienced employees consider the personality of their immediate superiors even more important and ranked this factor third, which choice may be attributable to the pandemic.

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